Website translation

Translating a website is nothing to be taken lightly.


Your business website is a commercial showcase on display to the rest of the world. In one click, visitors to your site will either be attracted or driven away.

Just like you, your customers are demanding and expect straightforward presentation and content with no errors in spelling, grammar or syntax. In addition to these basics, phrasing must be idiomatic and the words used must be the right ones, not just approximations.

A translation that is faithful to your website's content is, by definition, an essential key to success.

Command of the language is obviously a factor in guaranteeing the reliability of the translation. Rule No. 1 is to translate only into your native language.

Having a document translated to English by an employee or trilingual secretary whose native language is not English (but may be French) can be a big mistake. Despite good intentions on the part of your improvised translator, the result may be a botched or slapdash translation that will inevitably have a heavy impact on sales.

Translating is a genuine profession, not just a hobby. No one can be turned into a specialist overnight. A professional translator has completed four years of intensive study in a specific field (such as Economics, Science, Law or Technology), not every discipline! Similarly, a physician is not an engineer and an expert mechanic is not a judge. Every professional translator has a specialty.

Over the last 20 years, 001 Translation has acquired proven expertise in translating Internet sites of all types. As a specialist in translating SAP IT systems since they began to be developed for the French market in the 1980's, we are well aware of the importance of IT in today's life.

Possessing expertise in an area that you wish to present is elementary common sense. A translator of an Internet site in the field of banking and finance is expected to have specific expertise in economics and finance terminology. The translator of a technology web site is expected to have a solid background in technology, etc.

A specific working approach to translation is a necessity. Expressing what the author and the business want to say is essential.

Familiarity with programming tools is crucial and ensures that tags, which set off certain phases on your site, are respected. Failing to incorporate tags or field codes can lead to nonsensical phrasing and mistakes.

How many untrustworthy on-line translation sites have offered to translate your website or web pages in no time at all when we all know that reliable translation does not come free? Are you really looking for cost-free Internet site translation? That would be an obvious recipe for disaster!

At 001 Translation, we can provide localization of your website. Not only do we provide accurate translation of content, we also include the keywords to improve site indexing and referencing by search engines.

Conclusion No. 1 A trilingual secretary is perfectly able to answer a phone call in English, Spanish or German but may be incapable of doing a thorough job of translating, including your website, which you need to win over new customers.

Conclusion No. 2 Have your web site translated by a specialist who is going to share his or her translation expertise and ensure that you are completely satisfied.