Specialty Translations

Whatever your field of specialization, the translators working for 001 Translation will deliver a specialist translation that fully meets your expectations.

Like any profession, translating is governed by professional ethics and discipline. Hence, 001 Translation makes it a practice to ensure that translators translate only into their native language.

In order to provide top quality translation services, the translation professionals working for 001 Translation who are assigned to translate your specialty documents must have received formal academic training as translators in a specific area of expertise (such as Economics, Law, Literature, Science or Technology).

All our translators are expected to show that they have had prior working experience with institutions, corporations or international organizations and, in particular, in a specific area of specialization. Some translators on our team have previously held positions of very great responsibility in their area of specialization whether in commercial banks, multinational industrial groups or European institutions and now share their unique expertise with us. Specialist terminology and concepts pose no challenge to these highly competent translators.

Our Rule No. 1 is that any translator wishing to join our team must undergo a battery of specialist and general translation tests which are reviewed by our proofreaders. If the work meets our standards, the translator is then invited to join our team. After signing the required confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, the translator will then be given assignments in his or her specialty area or a related field consistent with the translator's abilities.

001 Translation requires all its translators to demonstrate their familiarity with the most modern communication techniques in his or her field. Relying on a combination of strong specialist skills and an excellent aptitude for language, 001 Translation guarantees that its translators are genuine experts in translating specialist documents.

Because of its rigorous application of high standards over the years, 001 Translation has been able to take out a professional liability insurance policy with a liability limit of 800,000 euros per contract per year.