Interpreting Services

001 Translation offers a wide range of interpreting services tailored to the needs of our multinational customers. Whether you need a simultaneous interpreter for a conference or a consecutive translator for a business meeting, we have a solution for your specific needs.

All our interpreters have extensive experience on top of a formal education in the field of interpreting and are fully trained.

Consecutive or simultaneous interpreting?

Though you would use the services of a consecutive interpreter for one-on-one meetings or small groups (typically for business meetings), a simultaneous interpreter works in real-time and usually uses interpreting equipment (booths, microphones, headphones, live feed) in front of larger audiences such as international conferences, meetings and conventions.

A lot more than just words: we can help you win new markets!

Not only does an interpreter provide top-quality linguistic services, he or she also has an understanding of cultural nuances specific to a country/culture. That's why an interpreter can often play an important role in business negotiations and can help in overcoming cultural misunderstandings.

Professionalism in many fields:

001 Translation offers the services of experienced interpreters who can meet your needs whether in the financial, technical, scientific or legal fields or in literary domains. Before each assignment, the interpreter performs a thorough research so that interpreting is accurate and smooth. An interpreter has to master not only the terminology in the topic of discussion but also that which is related to associated ideas and concepts.

Reasonable rates:

You pay only for what you need. Our rates for interpreting are by the hour, half-day or full day.

In most languages used in business:

001 Translation offers interpreting services in all languages commonly used in business transactions.

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