Our translation project managers are committed to effective communication with our customers.

001 Translation prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction and keeping all documents assigned to us strictly confidential.

Our global reputation is staked on delivering premium quality translations, implementing our meticulous quality assurance process and guaranteeing rapid turnaround.



We are open to any and all requirements and we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We never refuse any order from a customer, no matter what the size.

We also know how important EACH document is to you.

Whether it's an urgent translation of a customer e-mail, localizing a set of multimedia files for a large IT company or internationalizing an Internet or intranet site for a SME, we possess the capacity and the resources for a fast response whenever you need us.

"We can offer you the multilingual support you need to access the global market!"

*Note: We will not accept translations with racist or illegal content.

Effective Communication

At every stage of your project, our translation project managers will keep you updated on the current status of the project through regular telephone calls or e-mail messages.

It is our belief that regular communication with our customers is key for the success of every project goal and, furthermore, that regular updates between the service provider and the customer can avoid costly errors.

Our Rule No. 1: Customer Satisfaction

001 Translation treats each project as a set of tasks requiring discretion, individualized follow-up and a custom-tailored solution.

In any translation project, staying on schedule is crucial to the success of the entire project. Aware of the importance that our customers rightfully assign to staying on schedule, we consistently guarantee that our translations will be on time and as estimated. That is why the number of translators working on your projects is scaled to perfectly suit your volume and scheduling. To provide consistency of style and terminology, the same translators stick with the project from beginning to end. For project validation, we use style guides and checklists.

Customer-oriented project management results in faster and improved organization of project-dedicated teams for large volumes and tight schedules.

Security & Confidentiality

Security is also one of our chief concerns. All 001 Translation translators are required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements prior to receiving any work.

Furthermore, the confidentiality of your documents is guaranteed by a sophisticated security system. Translations are protected by passwords and we monitor FTP uploads and downloads at our site, including daily access; all servers are backed up daily.

Our international reputation is staked on customer satisfaction, maintaining project confidentiality and our commitment to ethical standards.

Quality Control

All our experts –multilingual translators, proofreaders and project managers– are specialized in one or two fields (Humanities, Literature, Banking and Finance, Stock Markets, Insurance, Technology, Law, Science or Medicine). As a rule, they translate only from a foreign language to their native language. Moreover, all translations are regularly proofread by a second translator.

In order to deliver high-quality translations, we conduct rigorous quality control based on the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Systems and on checklists approved for use in the translation industry.

Dedicated Project Teams and Individualized Communication

Our translators are carefully selected and assigned to your project based on their specific qualifications in the field, which are then monitored as part of our continuous monitoring effort.

A dedicated project director and a project manager are assigned to you full-time. They are available every business day and will keep you updated on the progress of the translation every step of the way (terminology look-up, translation, proofreading, revision) in accordance with a pre-defined schedule.

To guarantee consistent style and terminology, the same translators stick with the project from beginning to end.

As soon as the project begins, our customers are asked for their comments on certain areas of the translation so that we can take account of in-house terminology preferences.

Our transparent workflow is designed to guarantee the quality of our work.

This accounts for our sterling reputation in the translation industry ... We simply do things right!