Translation Specialties

Our translators and terminology specialists are experts. 001 Translation can handle the translation of your documents in the following fields. Just click on the area you're interested in to get more detailed information.

Financial Translations

Financial translation covers a wide area that ranges from stock market analysis to corporate communications, including research on debt, economic studies and accounting. As in any specialty, this type of translation requires a solid background in the field and a good comprehension of economic and market mechanisms. Such a combination of linguistic and technical skills is achieved by putting knowledge to use. Among the translators working for 001 Translations are financial analysts and accountants who have taken up translating because they can provide the high degree of specialization needed for some documents.

Business Translations

The need for business translation continues to grow against a backdrop of economic and capital market globalization, in particular, the growth of the European Union. The main market makers are banks, brokerage houses and other financial institutions and companies which, for the most part, are listed on the stock exchange.

Tourism and Entertainment Translations

Tourism translation includes, among other things, leisure activities and travel, as well as discovering the cultural heritage of the United States of America, England and other countries. The market makers are mainly tourism offices, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants, cultural organizations and airlines.

Marketing Translations

A 2009 survey of 100 Internet sites in English has shown that only 4% of all sites appear to have been translated by a professional translator and are therefore successful in convincingly capturing the attention of site visitors.
The remaining 96% of websites were translated using in-house resources or tools available on the Internet free-of-charge and drove visitors away.

Have your Internet sites, brochures, marketing materials, newsletters and press releases translated by professional translators. We can provide quality services to support development of your sales and a marketing strategy.

Legal Translations

Translating legal documents requires an understanding of the concepts underlying the legal system and being able to convey legal concepts to a reader in a foreign language who may be reasoning through a different legal lens. Legal translation is closely related to an exercise in comparative law. The applications of legal translations are multiple and range from corporate by-laws to notarial acts, including judicial orders and findings. In order to be legally valid, a legal translation must be done by a certified translator, and depending on the country might need to be authorized by a notary. A legal translation may also be needed for authentication by foreign authorities (for example, an endorsement by the Foreign Affairs Ministry).

Immigration and Naturalization Document Translation

An increasing number of translation requests relate to documents required by immigration bureaus in many countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany and France) for residence permits, citizenship and naturalization.

Technical Translations

Our technical translation services include:

  • Technical manuals
  • Technical data sheets
  • Safety standards
  • ISO certification procedures
  • Catalogs
  • Automobile maintenance
  • Specifications and related materials
  • User manuals
  • Manufactured products

Scientific Translations

This category includes laboratories and emerging technology businesses working in product development in the following areas:

  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Patents
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Nanotechnology
  • Multilingual glossaries

Medical Translations

The area of medical translation is very wide and encompasses patient information, experts' reports, medical software and patents.

Arts & Letters

Literary translations are included in this category as well as university research in the Humanities.

SAP Translations

The translation and localization of software and IT development documents for SAP systems has been one of our core activities for more than 20 years. We excel in this area. Please see our dedicated Internet site for more detailed information on SAP translations.