Marketing Communications Translation

001 Translation provides high-quality translations in every area of marketing communications.

The promotion of your products in export markets relies on developing a marketing approach that is tailored to your target audience. When it comes to translating your marketing materials, there are two considerations to keep in mind:

- Special cultural traits and local traditions must be taken into account

- Marketing communications must be accurately crafted in the language of your target customers.

All advertising materials (Internet sites, brochures, flyers, mass e-mailings, catalogs and anything you use to describe your products) written in a foreign language should have no spelling, grammatical or stylistic errors that could suggest to your audience that they are translations. Instead, all marketing communications materials must be easy-to-read and attractive in the eyes of foreign readers -as if they had been written by a local sales and marketing professional. If this is not the case, your potential customers may doubt the reliability of your products or customer service.

Your company’s credibility in a foreign country does not allow you to cut corners when it comes to advertising. Accurate translations which take into consideration the cultural differences of the target market are indispensible!

In any culture, certain colors and plants carry a symbolic meaning. In Asia, red symbolizes joy and celebration and orange knowledge and learning.

Today more than ever, you are expected to have familiarity with the subtleness of the customer's language. Promoting a product in a foreign country involves more than a simple word-for-word translation of your sales and marketing materials!

The expert translators and editors at 001 Translation can help you ensure that your sales information conveys a real message that is appropriately adapted to your target audience.

The specialist translators at 001 Translation can help you improve the quality of your unique marketing message by making sure that it is totally suited to the foreign culture.

Whether it's a web page or an entire Internet site, a marketing brochure, a newsletter or a sales presentation, the professional translators at 001 Translation can provide localization (translations tailored to the target culture) of your documents and deliver a targeted turn-key communication solution.

001 Translation can provide valuable cross-cultural advice for better marketing communications.

001 Translation can provide translations in most languages. For example, the development of a market economy in China is progressing rapidly and there are 873 million native speakers of Mandarin and 178 million people who speak Mandarin as a second language. Translating a business website into simplified Chinese (the written language of continental China) is a winning strategy.

The expert translators and editors at 001 Translation can help you turn your marketing messages into an effective communication tool and to ensure that they are completely appropriate for the culture of your target market.

If an emergency arises, we can provide rush marketing communications translations. We can also translate your Internet site into several languages in just a few days.

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