Marketing & communications translation

001 Translations provides translation services of exceptional quality in all areas of marketing and communication.

Promoting your products for export involves developing a marketing communication appropriate to your target audience. With regard to the translation of all your commercial or marketing documents, it is necessary to ensure in particular that the following two points are respected:

All communication materials (website, brochure, flyer, emails, catalog, and any product description document) written in a foreign language must not have any spelling, grammatical, or stylistic errors that might suggest that they are translations; instead, all such marketing and communication materials must be easy to read and appealing to your foreign readers as if they were written by a native communications and marketing professional. Otherwise, your potential customers may question the reliability of your products or your after-sales service;

Your company's credibility abroad can't afford to ignore the importance of proper communication and translation into a foreign language and knowledge of foreign cultures.

In every culture, symbolism is defined by plants and color. In Asia, the color red is synonymous with joy and celebrations while yellow symbolizes knowledge and instruction.

Today more than ever, it is necessary to speak each customer's language with subtlety and promoting a product abroad involves more than just a word-for-word translation of your marketing and communication materials!


Translators specializing in marketing and communication

The expert translators and technical writers at 001 Translations will help you ensure that your marketing information conveys a true message in terms of communication, making sure that it is fully adapted to your target culture.

The specialized translators at 001 Translations are able to proofread and improve the quality of your customized marketing communications by adapting your message to the country's culture.

Whether it be the content of a web page or an entire website, marketing brochures, newsletters or sales presentations, the professional translators at 001 Translations will be able to localize (translate in a culturally appropriate manner) your documents and provide you with a turnkey targeted communication.

001 Translations provides high value-added cross-cultural advice for better marketing communication.

001 Translations translates into most languages. For example, the economic market with China is developing extremely fast and there are currently 873 million native speakers of Mandarin on the planet, and 178 million people who speak Mandarin as a second language. Translating a commercial website into Simplified Chinese (the written language in mainland China) is a winning strategy.

The expert translators and technical writers at 001 Translations will help you turn your business information into real communication tools, and ensure that it is culturally appropriate for your target audience.


Translators specializing in marketing and communication

Experienced translators with unparalleled communication experience.

In order to provide the highest quality translation services, the professional translators of 001 Translations assigned to translate your marketing and communication documents must have completed formal academic training as translators in the field of economics and business, and must also have previous work experience with private companies, consulting firms, or international organizations. The terminology and concepts of marketing and communication hold no secrets for 001 Translations’s translators.

As a golden rule, translators who wish to join our team are systematically subjected to a series of specialized and general tests under real working conditions. We require them to demonstrate an understanding of advanced marketing and communication techniques.

Drawing on a combination of strong marketing and communication skills with excellent linguistic abilities, the translators at 001 Translations are truly experts at translating all major documents related to corporate marketing and communication.

We know that a perfect understanding of your documents is the key to your international success.

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Marketing and communications specialties

These are the medical specialties that 001 Translations translators can translate for you:

  • Advertisements
  • Tender Documents/Proposals
  • Market studies
  • Calls for tender
  • Advertisements, exhibitions, trade fairs
  • Press releases
  • Customer testimonials
  • Annual reports
  • Media reports and studies
  • Management documents
  • Press releases
  • Conferences
  • Speeches
  • Business letters
  • Keynotes and oral presentations
  • Television, Film & Media
  • Television dubbing
  • Other internal and confidential documents
  • Public relations and press conferences
  • Seminars
  • Any marketing related website
  • Sales support and presentations
  • Interactive CD-Roms
  • Multimedia
  • Strategy advice
  • Business Processes
  • Codes of conduct
  • White Papers
  • Case studies

In case of an emergency, we can provide express translations in the field of marketing and communication and we can also translate your website into several languages within a few days.