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001 Translation provides high-quality translation services in all areas of letters and the humanities.

More than any other domain, the translation of works of literature, philosophy, religion, art or the humanities involves more than just simple translation of words into a different language. In some ways, it is more difficult to handle this type of document than to make a technical, legal, scientific or business translations.

This is because in a literary or philosophical context, the authors must "speak" with their feelings and emotions from one culture to another and these feelings and emotions may not be expressed in quite the same way.This is clearly because in a literary or philosophical context the authors "talk" with their feelings and emotions, and between one culture and another these feelings and emotions may not be expressed in quite the same way. Moreover, as everyone knows, there are significant cultural nuances in gestures, symbols, etc.

This is the reason why a literary translation cannot be limited to translating a raw concept if we want it to be understood. Not only is the meaning of the source text important, but the translation must also reflect wit, humor, allusions and metaphors. In some ways, the translator becomes the author and must learn to put himself in the shoes of the characters whose emotions he or she is describing.

001 Translation expects a great deal of its professional translators. In addition to possessing first-rate writing skills, they are required to have an academic background in literature, philosophy, history, geography or art and to be familiar with the nuances of the language and the foreign culture.

These qualities enable us to provide proofreading services and to take charge of the linguistic and stylistic revision of texts that have been translated into a foreign language.

Whatever the scale of your project, we offer very competitive pricing to our customers, as well as custom-tailored literary translation solutions. We guarantee delivery that is on-time and on-budget. In addition, the rigorous quality control process set up by 001 Translation ensures the high quality of our multilingual translators. Our customer-oriented project management approach guarantees total satisfaction.

Whether you need our rush translation service for a thesis paper, novel, essay or a set of literary texts, 001 Translation can be your reliable translation partner from A to Z.

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