Translation Project Management

Our strategy is to locate and employ the best translators in the world. By tapping experts and resources strategically deployed around the world, we can work 24 hours a day to meet your translation needs and to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Many of our project managers, proofreaders and translators have worked with the Big Five consulting firms or in Fortune 500 companies where they acquired invaluable expertise.

001 Translation regards project management as a set of tasks requiring maximum discretion, personalized monitoring and custom solutions.

In every translation project, staying on schedule is crucial to the project's success. Aware of the importance that our clients rightly assign to meeting deadlines, we make it a practice to guarantee on-time and on-budget delivery of our translations. That's why the number of translators we assign to your project is tailored to your specific needs and project volume. In order to ensure consistency of terminology and style, we keep the same translators on the project from start to finish. We regularly use style guides and checklists for project validation.

Customer-focused project management delivers better and more efficient project team organization for large volumes and tight schedules.