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Price List

Type of translation Translation subject matter Languages translated Turnaround time Minimum Rate per word****
Web site Business English-French 72 hours $0.12
Brochure Technical English-German 72 hours $0.13
Report Scientific English-French 72 hours $0.13
Contract Legal English-Spanish 48 hours $0.13
Annual Report Finance Italian-English 72 hours $0.13
Flyer Marketing English-Chinese 24 hours $0.13
French corporate registration certificate ("K-bis") Financial English-Italian 48 hours $0.13
Report Medical German-French 72 hours $0.16
User Manual Information Technology English-German Depending on volume $0.12
Software Applications Telecommunications English-Chinese Depending on volume $0.14

* applicable from 15 pages or from 10000 words and to be confirmed according to the level of expertise required.

** during our working hours.

*** Non applicable for scanned documents.

**** applicable for more than 10000 mots and to be confirmed according to the level of expertise required.